Avocado Green nail

11 most popular avocado nails in summer

Girls love nail painting. If they don’t, it’s like going out and looking plain. Especially in the hot summer, because of the simple wearing, the manicure can avoid a lot of embarrassing problems, and even can give their own dressing points. Which avocado nails are most popular in summer 2019? These 11 kinds may give you unlimited inspiration.

avocado nails

There is a video on Pinterest of the above avocado nail. Just go to Pinterest.com and search “MOOTOK B & P”, and then you can find it on the nail artboard. It seems very simple, but it still needs some basic manicure skills. If you like it, you can try it.

Avocado nails art

This kind of avocado nail is like a cartoon, which is so cute that girls can’t resist the temptation. With the other two colors of jump color, feel the whole set of nails beautiful. In summer, you will feel much better when you go out.

Avocado nail designs

Many girls will have the habit of collecting manicures. As long as they see beautiful nails, they will collect them. In the future, they can let the manicurist make them for themselves, unique and beautiful. This manicure has a little fresh feeling. It’s a combination of dark green and fresh green. The whole set of nails is very harmonious and beautiful.

Avocado nails

Avocado nails are very popular in summer, so many girls like them very much in summer. The key point is that avocado nails can make the skin look whiter. It’s really worth choosing if you can show your temperament.

11 Avocado nails

Avocado Green manicure is the most popular manicure color in spring and summer. Avocado Green contains many kinds of green. From light to deep, bean green, plant green, these common colors can be summed up in avocado green.

11 Avocado nails

Because the weather is too hot in summer, people are very fickle, and they will feel much better when they see green, so the green avocado nail becomes the hottest manicure in summer.

11 Avocado nails

Of course, if a girl likes to wear sandals, it’s also a very good idea to paint her toenails with avocado.

11 Avocado nails

This kind of green belt has a little yellow warm tone, so it is very fresh and soft in vision. Not only does it not choose skin color, but most of the manicure matching is also completely stress-free.

11 Avocado nails

This is a small fresh avocado nail. Do you think it’s very simple to paint the nail with pink background and then avocado?

11 Avocado nails

11 Avocado nails

The last one is a grass green Avocado Green nail, which will have a low-key luxury aesthetic feeling, and they can bring a good aesthetic feeling. These 11 kinds of avocado nails, which one do you like best? Try it quickly.

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