30 kinds of knitted nail art in winter

Are you looking for winter knitted nail art ideas? I collected 30 beautiful knitted nail art in 2019, which will also become a fashion trend in 2020.

Make your hands beautiful in winter too! For winter nail art, in addition to Christmas, New Year’s Day and other festivals, in addition to a beautiful nail art to enhance the atmosphere, you can also use nail art to decorate yourself in daily life. But to set off the warm atmosphere in winter, I collected 30 kinds of knitted nail art ideas that can bring you winter nail art inspiration.

Winter knitted nails may look very heavy, because to make knitted textures, you need to repeatedly apply various nail polishes. You like different colors, and any one of them can make a knitted nail effect.

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If you want to try these knitted nails, you might as well act this winter.

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