apple nail ideas

7 kinds of apple nail ideas, the best choice for Christmas Eve nails

Christmas is coming soon, and eating apples on Christmas Eve is everyone’s habit. Ladies’ dresses must keep up with the pace of the festival. These 7 kinds of apple nail ideas may be your best choice for Christmas in 2019.

Apple nails ideas

The creativity in our lives comes from life, so many women also use their creativity in their own dress. Apple is one of the fruits that many people like, so girls who like apples want to paint them on their nails. Painting the apple on the nail not only looks lively but also very popular.  Take a look at these apple nail ideas, which may inspire your creative inspiration.

apple nails art

If you like red apples, you can draw red apples on your nails, just draw the shape and add the apple leaves. Painting apple shapes look very simple, just be careful, you can draw slowly, and you can easily start without a little foundation of painting. Of course, you don’t have to paint the same apple on all your fingers. In order not to be monotonous, you can use your own creativity and draw more different apples.

apple nails

In order to make it easier for you to start painting apple nails, you need to master the following steps.

1.First trim the nails and apply a layer of clear nail polish to each nail.

2.Use many different colors of nail polish to draw two overlapping ovals on each fingertip, then use black nail polish to hook and draw apple stalks and leaves.

3.After the nail polish is dry, apply a bright nail seal to complete the nail art.

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