The balcony is a good place for family flower lovers to display their talents, and at the same time, it can also beautify and decorate the home life. Different types of balconies and different plant materials can form different styles of scenery.

For example, in order to highlight the decorative effect and form a sharp color contrast, warm-toned plants and flowers can be used to decorate the cool-toned balcony, or on the contrary, the balcony flowers can be more vivid and eye-catching. On the other hand, the balcony with better sunlight should be decorated with light-loving plants with beautiful flowers, flowers and leaves, while the balcony with less shade and less light should be decorated with shade-tolerant and cool foliage plants.

How to green the balcony

The greening layout of the balcony generally has the following forms

1. Hanging type: The hanging type planting flowers is an excellent three-dimensional decoration. There are two methods. One is to hang it on the roof of the balcony, and use a small container to plant Chlorophytum, crab claw lotus, coleus, etc. to beautify the three-dimensional space. The second is to hang small containers on the balcony railings, plant vines or scattered plants, so that their branches and leaves hang outside the balcony to beautify the fence and streetscape. For hanging type, weeds, small-leaf ivy, nasturtium, etc. can be used.

2. Flower box type: The flower box type is generally rectangular, which saves the area and space of the balcony when placed or hung. Put the cultivated potted flowers into the flower box, and hang the flower box on the outside of the balcony with hooks or lay it flat on the upper edge of the balcony wall. In the flower box type, some drought-tolerant flowers that are positive, have many branches, have many flowers and have a long flowering period can be selected, such as geraniums, four seasons chrysanthemums, dahlias, periwinkles, etc.

3. Rattan pot type: erect vertical poles at the four corners of the balcony, and place horizontal poles above to fix them to form a scaffold; or erect vertical poles at the outer corners of the balcony, and tie poles or ropes between the vertical poles to form a similar fence stuff. The branches and leaves of creeping plants such as grapes, melons and fruits are drawn to the frame to form a shade fence or a shade fence.

4. Wall-attached type: There are woody vines such as creeping tiger and Lingxiao placed inside and outside the fence to green the fence and nearby walls.

5. Flower stand type: It is a method commonly used by the people. On a smaller balcony, in order to expand the planting area, a stepped or other form of pot frame can be used to arrange various potted plants in order of size and form on the balcony. Three-dimensional potted flower arrangement; the pot frame can also be built out of the balcony to ask for space outdoors, thereby increasing the green area and beautifying the streetscape. Note that the types of planting should not be too many or too complicated, and the layers should be clear and unified in style. Chrysanthemum, Chinese rose, cyclamen, bamboo, coleus, etc. can be selected.

6. Comprehensive type: The reasonable combination of the above forms and comprehensive use can also have a good beautifying effect, and it is also widely used in real life.

The amount of flowers planted on the balcony should be moderate, so as not to cause safety hazards. After all, we grow flowers to decorate our homes and beautify our surroundings. Create a more comfortable living environment for yourself.