watercolor ink nails

How to make watercolor ink nails?

Girls who like nails have tried various styles, nails of various colors, and most of them prefer watercolor ink nails, which look like ink, natural and special. Have you done watercolor ink nails in 2019, let’s see how to do it.

Watercolor Ink Nails

The watercolor ink nails are exquisite and temperament, and the nail shop is everywhere in the street. However, it is not only expensive to go to the nail shop to make nails, but it is especially painful to do the housework accidentally. Today, I will teach you how to make watercolor ink nails at home.

Watercolor Ink Nails

1. First trim your nails but be careful not to trim them too short, then you can round them with a file.

2. The second step is to apply the base oil on the nails, isolate the nails and nail polish, and protect the nails. This will prevent the nails from breaking!

3. Then apply your favorite monochrome nail polish to the puff, then gently pat the puff with a paper towel to leave only a little nail polish on the puff.

Watercolor Ink Nails

4. Use a puff to gently apply a layer on your nails. Do not apply the entire nail.

5. Generally, it can be applied twice, but the specific color can be determined according to your own preferences and the color of the nail polish. It can be repeated several times, but pay attention to the stagger!

6. After applying the nail polish in the last step, apply bright nail polish on it to make the color of the nails brighter and more natural.

Watercolor Ink Nails

Different manicurists may have different methods, but the overall method is still the same. As long as you master the main steps and methods, you can do watercolor ink nails yourself. If you like watercolor ink nails, learn more and become a good habit to keep moving forward.

Watercolor Ink Nails

Girls can not only wear a variety of accessories to enhance their sense of exquisiteness, but also make their fingertips richer and full of charm by applying various nail polishes. Beautiful hands can greatly enhance women’s temperament and increase their own charm. How to do watercolor ink nails, as long as you follow the above steps to contact several times, you can learn to do it yourself.

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