How to paste nail patches

How to paste nail patches?

Not every girl can paste a nail patch, because she can use some tools to finish the job. How to paste nail patches? You should know these skills. You can paste nail patches by yourself at home.

paste a nail patch

Many girls have the habit of sticking nail patches, but sometimes they think it’s too expensive to paste nail patches outside, and they have to wait a long time, so they want to paste nail patches by themselves. In fact, it is relatively simple to paste nail patches by yourself. As long as you follow the steps, the success rate is very high.

paste nail patches

Before sticking the nail patch, you must first clean up your real fingernails. If you have used nail polish before, you should use the nail polish to remove the nail polish. Apply a layer of nail polish to protect nails from glue damage and prevent nails from turning yellow. This is to improve the adhesion of the nail patch and make the nail patch more durable.

sticking the nail patch

Follow these steps for how to paste nail patches.

1.Apply softener on the finger edge, soften the dead skin, gently push the dead skin, and clean the dead skin with the dead skin scissors.

2.Manicure Nail shape, choose round, square, and water drop according to the feeling you want. It is recommended to control the length of the nail within 2mm of the finger pulp. Only by doing a good job of the base can a smooth and beautiful nail be pasted.

3.Compare the size of the nail patch with that of the nail to see if it is suitable. If it is too large, it can be properly trimmed.

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