How to paste nail patches

How to paste nail patches?

4.Select the appropriate size of stickers, and turn the blower to the hot air to blow the nail stickers. Blow for about 10 seconds, so that the glue on the top melts to increase the adhesion of the nail stickers.

nail stickers

5.Stick the nail patch on the nail, hold the two ends of the nail patch and stick it slowly.

6.Smooth the nail patch and push it away from the center to the surrounding area to make it smooth and even.

7.Rub off the long part along with the shape of the nail edge with a thin sponge sand strip, smooth the nail edge, and construct a perfect manicure.

8.Finally, it is necessary to paste a layer of oil to keep the enhancement longer.

How to apply nail patches

It’s not difficult to paste nail patches. As long as you master these 8 points, you can paste nail patches by yourself at home. Try it quickly.

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