20 creative cola nail design ideas in 2020

In the summer of 2020, maybe you will try new nail designs. If you are still looking for inspiration, here are 20 kinds of Cola nail creative design ideas, maybe you will like it.

Every summer, most girls will give their nails a new look. In summer people’s moods are more irritable. If you add a little coolness to your dress, such as avocado, forest, cola, and other elements, then the mood will be much calmer, so you will not feel too hot.

Cola is a popular drink in summer because of its refreshing feeling and a variety of beers. But girls like Coke a little more, and painting Coke patterns on small nails can not only make nails more beautiful but also become the focus of summer. Make your own nails at home. If you can’t draw a cola shape, you can write “cola” on the background color, which is also very good.

cola nail designs

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There are still many nail art ideas in summer. Perhaps there are still many girls who like green nails. I will share green nails next time.

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