little fresh nails

2019 little fresh nails by DIY

Many people like DIY things, most girls like nails art. If you think manicure is too expensive outside,  DIY nails are also a good choice. There are users who DIY all kinds of nails, let’s have a look.

before DIY nails

Natural nails look clean, if you want DIY beautiful nails, you need technology of nails. Some instruments are needed for manicure, it also requires a series of complex processes.

natural nails

DIY nails also need to be noted, if you  DIY nails, be sure to pay attention to the following tips.

1.One is the shape of the perfect nail, the other is to make the edge smooth.In this respect, product selection is the key,because the sand bar is divided into thickness, if it is a repair type, you can choose 180 unit thickness sand bar.

2.The most important thing is persist in the application of nutritious oil.

3.Although short nails are popular in recent two years, too long nails can make people feel procrastinated.Some people’s fingers are shorter, which is suitable for a longer nail to achieve the effect of long.

4.So many kinds of nail clippers, we must choose the right size.If it’s too small, you need to cut it many times,Too big nail clippers can be cut off with one knife, but they may cut the edge.

5.The primer prevents the nails polish from peeling off too early, and prevents the colored nails polish from causing color precipitation, which threatens the nails health.

6.Polishing will make nails thinner and frail frequently,nail polish can smooth the surface of nails.

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