6 kinds of dark nails

6 kinds of dark nails may be right for you

In the cold winter, We all wear heavy clothes, so it’s seem not that cold. And girls like to wear woolen sweater, dark nails are also popular in winter. If you like dark, dark nails are recommended for you.

If you like red,  crimson is worth trying, like the picture above. The picture of the crimson nails look like red wine, it looks warm in winter. This nail is not very monotonous, because every nail has a white line, and it’s sexy.
dark red nails
dark blue nails

This picture of the nails looks like grey and dark blue, wear grey fluffy clothes. Does it look good?

bright black nails

If you like black, try bright black is a good idea. Under the light, black nails look shiny, many people usually say “bling, bling”. Put some white stars on your fingernails, not only not monotonous, but also makes people look younger.

dark grey nails

If you like sharp nails and dark grey, those nails shape may be fit for you. But many people think those look like melon seeds, and those look like the fingers are slimmer.

grey nails

Of course, many people think grey is dirty. Look at the picture above, grey nails are very beautiful. So you might change your mind, Don’t you want to try it?

grey nails

This one is also very good, if you like, you can try it.

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