how to propose

Open the trunk of the car and romance will come

You have a girlfriend in 2019 If you are going to get married soon. Are you looking for a way to propose, here’s a method with how to propose, but you have to have a car.

use flower to propose

Ladies like flowers, they dreamed of putting on their wedding dress, holding flowers, and entering the marriage hall. Since then, life has been happy. But they want to meet their true love, it’s important for a boyfriend to know romance. If you have a car, flowers full of the trunk, ladies maybe will feel happy.

use flowers to propose

Most women think it’s important to have a romantic boyfriend, sometimes buy a little gift for my girlfriend, girlfriend will feel the love of a boyfriend.

How to decorate the car trunk with flowers, some balloons, some flowers, and girlfriend’s favorite toys. Of course, “I love you” or “love” a few words are very important. What do you think?

Roses are indispensable for a marriage proposal and create a romantic atmosphere. Colorful lights, balloons, love, photos, and some lovely things. Or, you can write “Mary me”, touching girlfriend.

how to propose to your girlfriend

What about? If you think this method is good, go and propose to your girlfriend.

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