Oregano, many people should not be unfamiliar, it is a kind of vanilla plant, it is a very good seasoning material, so many friends are raising it, but the oregano that the nympho wants to share today is not this edible variety, but Oregano has a good ornamental value, whether it is a potted plant or a ground plant, the ornamental oregano is very ornamental.

1. Basic introduction of plants

Oregano is actually a variant of Oregano. It belongs to the genus Oregano of the Lamiaceae family. It is a perennial herb. However, there are many varieties of Oregano. , and most of the flowering period can be opened from summer to autumn, it is easy to open the pot, and it also has a fragrance, which is suitable for both potted and ground planting.


2. Plant planting management

We rarely see oregano in offline flower shops, so we can only buy it through the Internet. There are finished potted plants and small seedlings sold online. I think it is more appropriate to buy finished potted plants. After 3-5 days of slow pot treatment, the original pot is removed, the root system is properly scattered, and then nutrient soil is used for planting. After planting, it can be watered thoroughly.

3. Light temperature control

Oregano is very fond of sufficient light conditions. Only in the position with sufficient light, its flower color will be more bright, otherwise, the color of the flower will be lighter, and the flowers will be less; Under the environment of about 100 degrees, the growth will not be limited, and it can withstand low temperatures of minus 10 degrees in winter. If the temperature in winter is lower, you can use thick soil to cover the roots to keep out the cold.


4. Water and nutrient supply

Oregano is relatively drought-resistant, and the potting soil can be kept dry at ordinary times. Remember that it must not be too watery, otherwise, it will cause the rhizomes to rot. Generally, after the surface of the potting soil is dry, water it once and permeate it; the flowering period of ornamental oregano is relative During the entire flowering period, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can be applied 2-3 times, and some nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compound fertilizers can be given appropriately at ordinary times.

5. Daily management matters

After ornamental oregano enters winter, the ground part will wither, we can just cut it off directly. It is best to take potted plants into indoor maintenance, with less water, and outdoor maintenance. If the temperature is above minus 10 degrees, you can leave it alone. If it is too low, it is necessary to do appropriate cold protection.